18 November 2010

Garden DesignFest - A Weekend of Inspiration

Last weekend I ventured off to see many of Victoria's well respected landscape designers projects. Each visit was worthwhile and each garden had some spectacular and inspirational qualities. It was so refreshing to see that plants were primarilty the focus of each garden. Plant combinations and the vast use of plants where other hard landscaping features are set into the garden to soften and almost make them disappear is a testament to designing with plants.  I will post a few of my favourites over the next few days.

Garden Fest – Garden 4 - Richard Bellemo – Deepdene

From the moment you arrive you are aware a piece of magical charm awaits. This house and garden is set is a cosy colder sac and to enter the property one must go through the rusted iron trimmed gates into a garden that continues to expand as you venture in. Highlights for me were the retention of mature specimen trees, particularly the Cork Oak – Quercus suber pictured centre. Richard has constructed a feature area around the tree so that you can enjoy it’s splendour and health. The other highlight was the large outdoor kitchen which included a wood fire. A dry stone retaining wall is built from the outdoor kitchen to the pool area. This walled garden is where all the herbs are planted for easy access. This is an amazing garden for the cooks who want to share their culinary feasts with visitors in this outdoor entertaining delight.

Elements I took from this garden includes height and depth right throughout the garden to truly make it a three dimensional art piece. The large trees, climbers up posts and retaining walls provide the necessary height to keep the large outdoor kitchen from sticking out of place. The garden beds are deep and filled with varying combinations of textures and shades of green. The garden uncovers ‘rooms’ with purpose from the front to the back. Just amazing.

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